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Ideas for Future Short Courses

On this page, I am going to list all the ideas for future courses and things that may become available in the future, if you have any ideas for courses you would like to do please get in touch.

Short Courses

Electronics Courses

  • Soldering Courses - Learn how to do simple curcuits how all the components function.

  • Pick up Building Course - Assemble and wind your own picups with us

  • Pedal building - we would like to offer a range of pedals that you could build with us for the fun and experience.

  • Amplifier building - A simple low output amplifier that you could assemble yourself with our tuition.


Short Courses

  • Instrument assembly course - I would like to make some in house instruments for you to assemble yourself over a weekend.

  • Bone Nut Fitting Course - Making a bone nut from scratch for your instrument a short course just looking at this aspect as there is a lot that we could teach you about this what is seemingly an simple thing. 


Enlarged Short Courses

  • Fret Stone and New Bone Nut - Bank Holiday Special - Extended Fret-stone course to include fitting of a Bone Nut

  • Re-Fretting and New Bone Nut Course - Removal and replacement of frets, replacement of bone nut, then run through the same information featured on the fret stone course and fit the new bone nut


Individual Short Courses

Assistance with Assembly Course - Having trouble assembling your instrument well fear not we will be on hand to help.

Many people assemble the parts to build their own instrument yet do not have the tools and practical knowledge to do so, instructional videos can empower you with knowledge of what to do, yet the fear of the unknown can be an issue and having access to the tools required can also be a stumbling block, we have your back with practical knowledge and the tools required on hand.

Open Evenings - Night Classes - Saturday/Sunday open days

  • Do you want a desk for the evening to swap some pickups?

  • Would you like to take care of that high fret although you have no space or tools at home.

  • Need to just slightly alter the pickup rout to fit the new pickup you bought and need to use a router and a special made template. 

All of these small issues could be sorted by yourself if we were able to open in the evening or the occational Saturday or Sunday to help you complete simple tasks that you need to resolve. 

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