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We offer short courses in the maintenance of musical instruments
Building Courses that take you through the process of building
electrical musical instruments from scratch.

Short Courses

We offer two main courses.

The Set up Day Course and the

Fret Stone and Set up Two Day Course.

These are the two main flagship short courses we will be offering that will help you get your instrument playing at its best.

Building Courses

There will be a range of instrument construction courses to cover every method of construction available.


We will be starting out with our Slim Neck and True Vintage Bolt-on-Neck Construction Courses and then expand our range of courses to include our Carved Top and Glue in Neck Courses

Rock On

Bringing Back Manchester's

Guitar and Bass Building Academy

Course Date Announcement

The workshop needs a new home!

We need to move to a new location so that we can offer you the best courses possible in suitable conditions as at present the time has come to leave this workshop.

During this time, we are unable to offer instrument building courses until we are able to find new premises to operate out of.

To facilitate the move to our new workshop, we will be holding a crowdfunder to help raise finances and also to take deposits for the upcoming courses.

I am going to set some lofty goals for myself to achieve.


I would like to see how much I can do and see how great I can make these upcoming courses for you.



My goal is to make the new workshop the best educational facility I can for you to learn about the construction of musical instruments in the best environment I can provide.


If we are successful at achieving our crowd-funding goals, we will honor our commitments to the customers who have booked a place on one of our short courses.



These will be held at our current workshop in Salford that will be reopening in


September 2024 dates that are to be confirmed. 

No upcoming events at the moment


11a Lord Byron Square


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Live Rock Concert Band


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