Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

This section will be updated soon with new photo's of the new and improved website 

Top left the pick up winder with a new tensioning arm, air regulator fitted and spray room floor painted, also some timber for future projects.

Clear floor for the machines to fill, spray room floor first coat of paint and the air filtration is up.

The new equipment starts to arrive, far left picture cutting mats and heat shrink. Left safety goggles, air regulator, spray room floor paint. Right wire mesh for spray room air intake. Far right tensioning are for pick-up coil winder, supplied by coil winding machines eu.    

Spray booth sealed and painted white.   

The lights frames being built for the roof of the spray room, installed then the lights fitted in to place. 

The floor of the spray booth with rubber mats firstly placed on the floor then chip board placed on top, this will provide a soft surface and also once sealed will be air tight.  

Spray booth room construction, building the walls that will contain the spray room and air intake for a steady flow of air.


Spray booth construction below, putting a hole in the roof for the exhaust ducting. Raising the ducting and placing the fan in the middle of the ducting pipe after the 90 degree turn.  

Below are the new machines that showed up this week a pillar drill and a buffing machine and some work desks that will be part of the new work areas for people to work in.   


 Bricked up a hole in the wall


Work Shop Pictures as it is in its current state. 


To begin with I will be building the teaching room and finishing booth, before that can take place I need to pre-pair the room first. 

On Monday I will take some photos of the work shop how it is now to show you the transformation that is about to take place; from an empty shell of the room to the beginnings of a fully functioning instrument construction facility with teaching room. 

Once the teaching room and finishing booth have been made the next stage is to place machines so that they can  be wired in place, then machine shop constructed around there position.