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Set up Day Course

The Main Short Course that we will offering will be the Set up Course.

This will be a one day course that will go in to detail about how to adjust and perfect the set up on your instrument. 

We will look in to the two main construction types of electric musical instruments. 

This course covers a range of topics and will delve in to a lot of background information so that you are well informed on the history and evolution of the construction of electrical musical instruments and how these differences in construction can effect the the instrument and the adjustments that can be made. 

Making adjustments that will affect the play-ability of the instrument, how to go about them, precautions that can be taken in order to make adjustments safely, helpful tools and gadgets that can aid with many of these procedures.  

Please see the online booking and calendar page for up to date information on the dates available and how to book your place on one of the courses. 

Fret Stone Course 

This course will now be a two day course to help with the retention of the information taught. 

The first sessions will look in to the fret stone element of the job, we teach a unique method of working that is best taught in person so that you can see all the nuances involved in this procedure. 

We will show you how to complete the job utilizing the best working process that will deliver even and consistent results across the board. Together we will look in to the typical methods that are shown on the internet of how to complete this type of job and will expand upon these methods to show you how you can get the best results with basic and specialist tools and equipment.  

You will be shown how to use simple tools to complete this job as I always wanted to show you how this can be done without having to go out and purchase a lot of expensive tools and equipment. We will look in to most of the specialist tools that available on the market at present, how some of them can be real help with the procedure speeding it up or delivering great results. You will then be allowed to work using the methods you think suit you and the instrument best to complete the work.

I want you to be able to work to high tolerances and get the fantastic results and also have the least impact on the instrument at hand, you will be taught how to protect the instrument the dangers that can be involved with this type of job how to foresee these dangers and act accordingly to reduce the dangers. 

The Fret Stone Course will show you how to complete the work necessary to get any instrument performing at its very best, you will follow a procedure leveling and re-crown the frets of a electric guitar or bass to a uniform height ready to be set up. We will look in to many of the common issues that can arise during the process and the solutions for these issues this will allow you to tackle any jobs you may have.    

Once the frets are leveled and of equal height you can get the instrument to play at its very best. 

The Second Day of the course will be the same as the regular Set up day for first time customers as this delivers a lot of useful information that is worth knowing.

Re Fret Course 

Will be operating this course upon request, and will be held in small groups, this course will look in to both of the above topics and go in to detail on the procedure of removing and replacing the fret wire of the instrument. 

More details to come in the future.  

Teaching Methods

I believe learning is best assisted by a combination of written documentation, demonstrated and practical work with further assistance if required. We will be putting together an online resource of information that will available for you to download that will be updated until we have the most complete and comprehensive guide available. 

Other Courses 

We are able to offer courses on any subject when it comes to repairing, modifying, and restoring your instrument under our expert tuition. Some courses we will offer will be extended courses like looking in to re fretting, this course will be available for any one who has undertaken the fret stone and set up course and will be an additional course.

I would like my workshop to be a place where everyone is welcome to work on their own instrument under supervision. If anything is daunting, then you will always be able to receive help with explanations and demonstrations readily available enabling you to complete your task.

Courses can be tailored to your individual needs so if there is something you would like to do please let me know via email contact page