Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

Short Courses 

The Main Short Course that we will offering is the Fret Stone and Set up Course.

There will be at least one of these courses running every month. 

Please see the online booking and calendar page for up to date information

 on the dates available and how to book your place on one of the courses. 

Fret Stone and Set up Course

The Fret Stone Service and set up course will show you how to complete all the work needed to get your instrument playing to its best. This course will be an intensive day course where you will look at how to complete a fret leveling and re-crowning for either electric or acoustic instruments. 

Fret Stone and Set up Course

Pick Up Construction 

This will unravel the mysteries of the electric guitar pick up, it is a pretty magical thing the guitar pick up, I still feel a great deal of wonderment every time I create a pick up and they work for the first time. 

This course will look in to the types of materials available to use and let you choose the gauge of wire and the type of pick up that you wish to make.

Musical Instrument wiring courses, these will focus upon all the modifications that you can make to your own electrical musical instrument, these will be specialist tailored courses to meet your requirements. 

Pick up Construction Course

Other Courses 

We are able to offer courses on any subject when it comes to repairing, modifying, and restoring your instrument under our expert tuition. Some courses we will offer will be extended courses like looking in to re fretting, this course will be available for any one who has undertaken the fret stone and set up course and will be an additional course.

I would like my workshop to be a place where everyone is welcome to work on their own instrument under supervision. If anything is daunting, then you will always be able to receive help with explanations and demonstrations readily available enabling you to complete your task.

Courses can be tailored to your individual needs so if there is something you would like to do please let me know via email contact page