Manchester Guitar and Bass Building Academy

Set up Day Course

The Set up Day Course will be a Single Day Course that goes in to great detail about the adjustments that can be made to your Guitar or Bass to improve the play ability of your instrument.

 At 9am the work shop will open for refreshments, the course will start at 9.30.

We will look at the two main types of neck constructions, their variants traveling through time and looking at the evolution of the construction methods used in these instruments and the alternative methods of constructions that exist.

The first part of the day will be dedicated to looking at the instruments brought in, how to measure them and take stock of the set up, common issues that can arise with the instruments, how to solve these issues in brief, if we can find any of these issues on the instruments brought in we will try to solve these as best as we can within the time available.

A short History of Neck Construction Methods and variants followed by a short break will available.  11am

We will look at the adjustments that can be made to the instruments, how they will affect the instruments play ability.  How to go about making alterations and changes within safe limits and in a safe manner.

Then we will prepare the guitar and make some small adjustments, disassemble the instrument, cleaning the body and neck, refresh the frets and fingerboard, we will look in to the types of timbers that are commonly used for the fret board and how to clean, oil, or polish with the correct product for the job at hand.

How to go about re-string the instrument to get the most stable tuning. Types of machine head and their appropriate string solutions. 

At this point we will stop for a short lunch Lunch 1am to 1.30am

Next we will proceed to completing the final set up making the adjustments that are the balancing act between what the instrument is capable of doing and what is required to do for it to be the most playable it can be. We will finish off all of the smaller alterations we made earlier finalizing and perfecting all of the adjustments that can be made with the neck and the bridge.   

History of the construction methods of the body section.

Short Break 3.30

History of the scale length and the maths of music, the specialized equipment that can be used for tuning. 

Any final adjustments that are needed

The strings length the intonation how to balance and set intonation of the instrument. 

All of the above information will be delivered on the day of the course and will be supported with an evolving online guide that you will be able to access with your log in details at any point in the future.