Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

Pick-up Construction and Wiring up Courses

These courses will look in to pick up construction and electrical musical instrument wiring options. 

They will usually be held on a one to one basis here in our Manchester workshop

Pick-up Construction Course

This will be your chance to come to our workshop and create your very own pick ups for your instrument. You will be a able to build them to your own specification, we will soon have available a large range of pick up designs for you to choose from. 

You will be winding your pick ups on an automated winder, do not let that fool you it is still a hands on process, all the winding machine does is keep the winds nice and even and the tension of the wire consistent. It is an ideal way to let you take control of the tone of your pickup with out the need for any previous experience.  

We have the major types of pickups available at present and hope to bring you a full list of designs soon. 

Electric Instrument Wiring Course

The pick up installation course will be an individualized course and will range from the simple, pick up replacement to the routing and fitting of a pick up, also you do not necessarily need to fit a pick up to want to look at the wiring options, you may just wish to rewire your guitar in a different manner or tap a humbucking pick-up to create a split single coil sound. We will design the course to fit your requirements allowing you to be able to produce the work that you would like to undertake.

We will give you an explanation of all the parts that are used and how they work, the best practice when it comes to how to complete wiring. 

Swapping a pick up will be the simplest course we will be offering and will take you through removing the old pick up and placing a new one in its place. Possibly looking at a different wiring structure to maximize the different sounds that could be produced.

You may wish to alter the wiring of your guitar, by doing one of the many variations possible, you can totally change the dynamic sound of your instrument using these options. Different wiring options that you may wish to look into when wiring your guitar are Series, Parallel wired pick-ups, In phase and out of phase electrically or physically and more.

Installing a new pick-up:   Sometimes if your guitar only has a single pick up you may wish to add an extra pick-up. This will require you to make a template that fits the new pick up, in order for you to be able to rout the guitars body to create the space for the new pick-up. Then rout a cavity for the new pick-up, drill a hole to access the control cavity then look at the wiring, so that you are able to introduce the new pick-up in a sensible manner, to do this you may need to introduce an additional switch to select the pick-up. 

Prices on these course will vary dependent on the work you would wish to undertake. 

This course will be on a one to one basis and prices will start from £50

If you would like more details then please feel free to email us