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Thank you very much for being here and considering us to help you expand your knowledge on musical instruments, I have taken a lot away from teaching the past set up courses and building courses and am resolute in making further improvements to our courses, methods of teaching and the working environment. 

Recently I have taken some time off from teaching to consider things and make plans for the future so that we can deliver the best possible courses moving forwards. I would like my courses not only to be informative about the task you will be completing but also explanatory so that you have an complete over view of the reasons why you are doing what you are doing and knowledge of the different types of constructions you could run across in this type of job that may affect the way you will go about completing the work at hand.     

I hope that the new short courses lay out will be both informative, fun for all and increase the level of retention of information with the surround support mechanisms we intend to put in place. 

The standard and custom building courses will be re-opening up in 2019 these courses will take you through the procedures involved in making your own guitar by hand. 

Over the next month I will be working very hard to create the best teaching environment so that you have a comfortable and safe experience and will be making updates to the workshop section of the web site to show off how the improvements around the workshop are proceeding. 


Standard Procedures when booking with us 

After a deposit has been taken for any of our courses you will be contacted by email or phone to discuss dates that you are available to attend one of the courses, in the case of gift certificates these will be posted to yourself and I will get in touch with the purchaser to arrange a suitable time to call and arrange date. Once the dates have been chosen we will send you a email with a confirmation of the dates chosen.  

Building courses can require more information to build up the specification of the guitar you wish to build and the level of involvement that you wish to make, an example of this would be sometimes due to time we may make custom templates ahead of the build for you if you are not available to produce these yourself. We would always prefer you to have as much involvement as possible although this sometimes can not be the case. We are always here to help and make sure you get the best experience and instrument possible so will always try to make sure this is the case. 

If you require any more information or clarification of any points you wish to raise please feel free to get in touch. If possible leave a telephone number as I do like to call people at times as I find it easier to call you and have a chat through certain things that may be best explained over the phone.   

In some cases with custom builds and modifications to the standard courses where we may need additional information or there are points to be confirmed and discussed we may ask for you to come in and meet us for a more detailed chat about your project as in many cases we find this faster than long email exchanges. We are happy to make any modifications to the standard course to help you create the instrument that you desire. If you are not local to us do not worry we will happily explain as much as we can via correspondence and phone calls. 


Set Up Day Course 

This is our new and most importantly the best set up day course available, it will not only inform you the best way to go about the set up process it will go in to the reasons why including the history and evolution of construction of the electric musical instruments. 

Course deposit are £40 we will contact you via phone or email to arrange a date that is convenient for you to take the course

Course cost is £120

Type of Course

Fret Stone and Set up Course

 The fret stone and set up course is now going to be a two day course, on the first day we will go through all the information you will need to complete the fret stone process, leveling and re-crowning the frets, teaching you the methods techniques that you can use to deliver the desired results. On the second day of the the course we will go in to the set up aspect of the job, this part of the course will consist of all of the information we cover in the standard set up day. 

Course deposits are £60 we will contact you via phone or email to arrange a date that is convenient for you to take one of the courses. 

Course cost is £220

Fret Stone & Set up Course
Phone Number

Standard Bolt on Neck  Building Course 

Standard Building Course, this course is designed to help you build a bolt on neck instrument to one of the many standard designs, or a design of your choosing even custom design on some occasions. This will be a short week course where you will be able to build your instrument from scratch using the materials of your choosing, we start with a standard specification that you can either stick to or make your very own special modifications to make a unique instrument for yourself. 

Custom Building Course Deposit

Custom Build Course Deposit, this deposit can act as access to one of the other courses with your custom instrument or can be a one to one tuition in building your dream instrument. 

Course initial deposit are £100 we will contact you via phone or email to arrange an hour session where we will talk trough your design ideas and formulate a plan of action to help you produce the instrument you desire. 

Courses cost around £2000, I will clarify this by saying that courses can cost less if a simple design is to be produced. I want to be as clear and honest as I can in the initial stages about final costs. 

Build type
Phone Number

Current Commitments

Through out August until the end of September I have got some orders to build instruments so unfortunately I will be quite busy for this period, I will still be taking some booking for individual day courses so feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can help you with.