Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

Ken & Ray's Telecaster 

Hi Phil, just a few words to say,with your guidance and expertise your guitar building course was such a pleasure to have experienced and Ray's course on how to make coffee just made everything complete. Seriously though, I did not think I could turn planks of wood and bits of wire and stuff into a beautiful Telecaster guitar, everyone I have shown it off to is convinced I bought from a shop. The work you gave us to do with the explanation of not only how to do it but also why it had to be done was of course invaluable, your teaching was second to none and should get even better the more students you teach. You kept it at a nice casual level (even you brewing as well) which we both liked and your sausage butties were the highlight at Christmas. Some of the cutting machines I had never used but with you as my guide I had no qualms about using them, there are lots instances like that where your guidance was used to see us both through the tasks you gave us to do. It has been a pleasure to have done this course with you as the tutor and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about having a go at building his or her own guitar, to get in touch with you, as they would not be disapointed with the end result (that is if they listen and learn) . I will keep in touch in the future so bye for now and the best of luck in your enterprise if you ever need us both at anytime we're on the end of the phone do not hesitate. Thank you for my Telecaster. 

Just got to learn to play it now.

Hi Phil a few words to thank you for an amazing few weeks spent learning
the art of guitar making ! Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it not only
the practical side of building the guitar added to your knowledge on all
types of guitars I found quite astonishing ! Starting the course with a
chat about what lay ahead instruction on how to use the hand tools and machinery"Band saws,routers,drills ETC" Was impressed that you always
managed to keep a watchful eye to make sure there weren't any mishaps ! Who would imagine we would finish up owning a superb looking guitar after
starting off with two planks of wood ? The course was well worth the money
and would recommend it to anybody with an interest in woodwork and music !
A nice relaxed environment plenty of friendly banter and plenty of coffee
or tea ? Thanks for the experience Phil ! "Cheers again Ray "
15 February 2013