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The Glue in Neck Construction Course

This course will enable you to construct a glue in neck instrument, on the standard course you will be able to produce a Junior style guitar to one of two different designs, either a single cutaway or double cutaway shape to the specification created by Gibson® with additional time an expanded range of models can be accessed via the standard glue in neck course, most of the flat top glue in neck models produced by Gibson® will be available for you to choose from. You will be able to follow the course to produce a near exact replica to their models or make your own special modifications to create an instrument unique to yourself.

There is a range of upgrades that are available for the standard Junior course, that can be specified before entering the course. If you wish to alter any of these selections in any way please get in touch upon booking. 

Standard Course Specification 

Timbers: Mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard and head stock veneer, mother of pearl dot inlays, bone nut and quality fret wire. The truss rod will be nut adjusting to either modern or vintage style installation technique it will be made from a steel bar with brass anchor and adjuster. 

The hardware will be Gotoh machine heads and standard anchor wrap around bridge, single ply scratch plate with one P90 style pick up either dog ear or standard fitting, Japanese electronics, jack plate and strap buttons.   

Finish will be a drop in grain natural or one colour solid or stain finish in cellulose paint, this finish will be quite flat upon leaving but as it fully cures the finish will drop in to the timbers grain. 

Course Costs

We will be running the first glue on neck courses only for Junior guitars, The cost of the course will be from £750

A deposit of £50 will need to be taken to book your place upon the course.  

Modification and Alterations

The simple changes that can be made to the standard instrument are: adding additional P90 pick ups in the neck, changing pick up type, changing from a stop piece tail piece to another bridge either one piece or two piece, other hardware and machine head upgrades, timers may be changed if you wish, Finishing options, you can change the finish to a burst style or any other just feel free to talk to us about this when booking. 

Specialist Services: We will also offer with the courses Specialist logo production services. 

Expanded range of glue in neck designs. 

The glue in neck construction course will be open to other models of glue in neck flat top designs, most of these models will require extra time and effort to produce so extra time will be needed to complete this course, at first we will be running just Junior building courses, we will open the course up to other models very soon. If this is something you wish to do then get in touch and I will be able to specify dates when this may be able to take place. 

 Carved Top Guitar Courses

The Les Paul® and PRS® models have a mahogany body and neck usually with a maple top/cap, the construction of this type of instrument will require a extra time in producing of the the maple carved the top. 

The addition of a maple top makes for terrific tonal results combining the mahogany timber with its  warmer deeper sound with the maple that gives the notes great clarity and sustain. It is possible to make a body with a flat maple cap that may only take a short while longer than a typical build to be make. The carving process will add a significant amount of time on to the building process.

At present we are taking email inquiries about the carved top courses as soon as there is enough interest we will be buying equipment to help make carved top instruments easy for yourself to complete.

Junior Glue in Neck Construction Course.                                      Total cost from around £750 

Once we have received your deposit of £50 we will contact you via either email  or phone to discuss the specification of your instrument.

Once specification and dates has been confirmed then the balance will be due  

Junior Glue in Neck Construction
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