Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

Building Courses 

                                        Here at Manchester Guitar and Bass Building Academy we are here to help                                           you realize the construction of your dream instrument.

We will be offer courses of differing lengths to suit the build that you want to undertake.

Our aim is to take you through as much of the building process of an electric guitar as possible, or as much as you would like. The courses include wood work, metal work and electronic work including pick up construction.

There will be two approaches to the weeks intensive building course.

If you wish to complete a guitar in a week then some preparations will have to made and you will be limited to paint types used to make sure your instrument is completed within the time scale.

The other side will be the complete customization courses where you will not be limited by anything, you will be able to start from scratch to create an instrument unique to your self with the tone of your dreams.

Bolt on Neck

Starting from August 2014 we will be offering the first course to build a standard one piece maple neck guitar or bass to one of a range of classic bolt on neck designs. Courses will be held in our Manchester workshop, the standard course will involve a minimum of an intensive weeks work, Monday to Friday, creating your guitar. A further two days, Monday and Tuesday, are to finish and set up your instrument, finishing the project with in 9 days, of course if you wish to make any modifications there will time for this around the core building time.    

Bolt on Neck Building

Glue in Neck 

The second course we will  be offering will be your chance to create a glue in neck type instrument. The standard course will be your chance to build your own Junior type of guitar, there will be two models to choose between on the standard course. On the expanded course there will be other flat top glue in neck models available. The standard course will last for a a weeks intensive build, Monday to Thursday, with the instrument polished and assembled on Monday and Tuesday of the following week. 

Glue in Neck 

With both the Bolt on Neck and Glue in Neck standard classes we expect students to be able to make themselves available for the main weeks building process, the finishing and set up processes can be arranged at a more suitable time for those students that are not able to attend the following week. 

In time we will be adding to the courses we offer. Future courses will include: double action truss rod slim neck bolt on neck guitars and other glue in neck models courses including those with maple caps.

Within the standard courses you can make small changes to the timbers and parts used to help you create your own unique build, or you can stick to the course standard design and learn as much as you can from our teaching. We try not to buy in parts to construct your instrument, instead we show you how to go about making each component that we can. We like to take you through as much of the building process as possible unless you wish to complete your build faster using standard parts. We have accounts with lots of different timber and parts suppliers and if you require anything special we can usually source it for your build. 

Custom Building Options

The custom building courses can be what you would like it to be it can act as a different way to access one of the standard courses, you are welcome to come in to create your own templates to then go on to the bolt on neck or glue in neck course for example. If you wish to build a through neck or something advanced then we will be running individualized courses that are held in the day and evening. 

Build Your Own Design Course 

You can choose to pay a deposit for the standard course or if you know that you want to create something unique or a standard design with modifications then feel free to get in touch to see if the ideas would best place you taking the Custom Building Course as this will grant you an hour with us discussing the design and all the options available to you. 

On receiving a deposit you can then discuss with us the options available before you proceed with your build. 

Due to us offering so many options to customize and create something unique, the course times and costs may vary upon the complexity of your design. If you wish to build a custom instrument time must be allowed for preparation and finishing in addition to normal course length.