Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

Build your own design of instrument course

This course can be designed around you it will let you access one of the other building courses, or it can be individual tuition building you own instrument. It can also act as access in to our limited evening tuition sessions. The course will be tailored to suit your needs, building your own design of instrument will start with a hour session to discuss your ideas and planning the design of your instrument. Decide on the construction type you would like to make, be it bolt on neck, glue in neck or through neck, choose the timbers and parts required for your design.

The cost of the hour session will be £50,a deposit of £100 is needed to access this session, from this we can decide upon the route that you require be it a weeks intensive build course mixed with some individual sessions. I will spend time with you and design the best specification and plan of action moving forwards, we will find or produce the templates you will need in order to make your instrument, producing templates can give you access to one of the other courses to help reduce the cost of your course, in the case of through neck and evening classes a more individualized teaching approach is taken. 

Dependent on your choices we will then determine which course would be best for you to proceed on I look forwards to working with you to help produce the instrument you require.

The cost of this type of course can vary a lot depending upon the options taken. The most cost effective course would be to use mostly standard templates then move on to one of the standard courses. 

This cost from around £950

If the course is made up of individual sessions then the cost of the course is from around £1200 prices are very dependent on the specification of materials and parts. A fully individualized electric instrument building course can be helped along by us allowing you to take as much of the task on as you wish, please speak to us about the options that are available to yourself.   

Custom Build Course Deposit, this deposit can act as access to one of the other courses with your custom instrument or can be a one-to-one tuition in building your dream instrument. 

Course deposit are £100 we will contact you via phone or email to arrange an hour session where we will talk through your design ideas and formulate a plan of action to help you produce the instrument you desire.

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