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Bolt on Neck Construction Course

Here at our Manchester workshop you will be able to construct your own bolt on neck type of instrument. You can build a guitar or bass to one of a number of classic standard bolt on neck designs.

The main models available are the types of constructions made famous by one of the worlds largest guitar manufactures Fender®. You are able to build it to a near exact replica or make your own personal modifications to produce an instrument that is unique to you.

From August we will be offering the classic bolt on neck construction course. This will feature designs and neck constructions used by this famous California manufacturer. 

Soon there will be courses available in the other styles ofneck constructions namely the modern bolt on slim neck model course. Advanced deposits can be paid on this page to confirm your place on the course. 

Bolt on Neck Standard Classic Guitars 

The Standard course will enable you to create a bolt on neck type of instrument to one of a range classic designs, either a guitar or bass can be produced. Below is the specification of the standard design of instruments, if you wish to make any modifications or alterations to the design we are here to realize your dream instrument, please feel free to speak to us about the sort of thing you would like to do. 

Bolt on Neck Modern Style Neck Construction

In addition to the traditional construction course we will be offering courses using the modern methods of construction, utilizing super slim necks with a glued on fingerboards. The designs made famous by metal guitar manufactures such as Ibanez®, Jackson® and BC Rich®. 

This course will soon becoming available, deposits will be taken and dates arranged as soon as possible.  

Course Costs 

The deposit for a standard course is £50. The full course cost will be determined by your choices but the base level cost of the course is from around £850 The final cost will be determined by the type of instrument constructed and the parts needed. 

Specification for the Standard Classic Design Instrument. 

One piece maple neck with a steel truss rod, brass anchor, adjusting at the head-stock with either a bullet or internal adjuster. Bone nut, abalone dot inlays, quality fret wire, string tree the neck will be fixed with four screws and chrome plate. 

Body parts will vary due to the range of designs we offer and the specialist parts that are needed for each. Below is a rundown of the standards parts we prefer to use. Hardware: quality Gotoh machine heads and bridge usually chrome and associated model accessories. Body timber will be ash usually in two pieces that will make up your instruments body, the pick ups on the standard course will be made and wound in our workshop other electrical parts will be Japanese made.

Finishing, the standard course will allow you to do the base and bottom layers of paint, finishes available will be natural, stained or dyed timber, any solid or translucent stain colour. We will do the finish the top coat of paint in wet look polyurethane paint. 

The standard templates available for the Bolt on Neck Construction Course will include all the classic styles of traditional bolt on neck designs, made by Fender® we will have available templates for Telecaster® Stratocaster® Jaguar® and Jazz master® guitar and the Precision® and Jazz Bass® other templates for bolt on neck models will be added as time goes on. 

You do not have to be restricted to these templates either if you wish to make your own templates we will assist you with the design of your instrument and production of template so that you can attend the weeks building course for your instrument.

Modifications and Customization 

Our courses are designed to adapt to help you realize the construction of your dream instrument, we can make special arrangements for you to make any alterations that you require to turn your dream instrument in to a reality. We are able to make and modifications both small or large, feel free to speak to us about anything that you desire to make.

Here is a list of things we would consider to be small modifications: Changes in timer, parts that are easily interchangeable, buying in pick ups, finishing changes, paint type and style of finish, bursts and others options.  

Specialist Services: We will also offer with the courses specialist logo production services

List of what we consider larger modifications, 

Some modifications that you may consider to be rather minor are rather major when it comes to building a guitar, an example of this would be a Tune-O-Matic on a slab body guitar, there are versions of this bridge designed to work with a flat top guitar but if you wish to used the traditional model of Tune-O-Matic model then the neck of the guitar need to be routed at a slight angle, making what may seem a simple alteration in to a rather more major one, so if you are unsure get in touch.

Deposit for the Bolt on Neck Construction Course. Total cost of the course will be from around £850

Once we have received your deposit of £50 we will contact you via either email  or phone to discuss the specification of your instrument.

Once specification and dates has been confirmed then the balance will be due for payment. 

Bolt on Neck Construction Course Deposit
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Slim Bolt on Neck Design of Guitar Course

The slim neck guitar course will give you the opportunity to produce a guitar utilizing the modern method of construction of a two way truss rod and a consistently thin neck made famous by the many metal brands of guitars.

Deposits will be taken for this course and dates will be announced once there is suficiant interest. 

Deposit for slim bolt on neck design of guitar course, the total cost of this course will be around £850. 

Once we have received your deposit of £50 we will contact you via either email  or phone to discuss the specification of your instrument.

Once specification and dates has been confirmed then the rest of the balance will be due for payment. 

Slim Bolt on Neck Construction Course Deposit
Phone Number

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