Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy

               Courses in Making Electric Musical Instruments.                              You can build your own Electric Guitar or Bass                  in our Manchester Workshop.

Here at Manchester Guitar & Bass Building Academy we offer courses in manufacturing electric musical instruments, namely the electric Guitar and Bass.

Usually we teach the vintage methods of construction and explain the modern ways so you know how to do both. We make it both fun and educational, unravelling the mysteries of constructing an electrical musical instrument.  

You will have access to a large variety of woodworking machinery and tools, both free standing and hand held. We also have in house pickup winding facilities, a spray finishing booth and drying room.

We teach the best working practice and simplify the misconceptions behind the complexity of building a musical instruments. 

         In addition to full instrument building courses we also offer short courses which including:

             Fret Stone and Set up Day Courses & Pick up Building courses 


If there is anything you would like to do with us at our workshop just get in touch.

Our aim is to enable you to manufacture and construct your own musical instrument in a safe environment. We combine both fun and education giving you the skills and confidence needed to undertake the tasks at hand to create you own hand built instrument. 

James Philip Porter Luthier

I will be passing on the knowledge that I have learnt over the years working within the music industry.

By teaching you how to manufacture an electrical musical instruments you will learn to:

                                 Understand the processes involved and how to go about them in a safe manner,                                                                select the right timbers by looking at the grain and understanding its structures,                                         choose the parts suitable to create the sound you are looking for. 

Guitar maker and repairer James Philip Porter has been making and repairing musical instruments professionally for over a decade. I would like to impart the knowledge that I have learned about the construction of musical instruments to help you better understand them. How they work, how you can help them sound and play at there best, plus of course how to build them so you can create an instrument you will cherish forever.

Working as an independent musical instrument technician my work has brought me in to contact with many musicians and music shops, servicing and repairing their instruments since 2002 with Philip Porter Guitars, before this I was lucky enough to be one of the luthiers trained at Leeds College of Music and I have been trained  to a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma level in building and repairing musical instruments.

In 2012, I embarked upon teacher training courses to prepare for the new career that I was looking forward to teaching how to build electrical musical instruments, later that year I taught my first course with two brothers Ken & Ray. Since then I have mainly been teaching individualized classes now I am looking to put together more of a fast track guitar building experience to help you create your very own instrument. 

There are lots of little tips and tricks that I have learned over the years that I include in the course, methods that make your instrument easily repairable in the future, as you are the custodian of the instrument that you build.   

I would like to give you the confidence so that you will be able to undertake a build of you own if you wish and be able to carry it out in a safe manner. You will work to the highest standards in producing your instrument in our workshop with the best equipment available to get the best results possible. You will work under expert tuition giving you the confidence and the knowledge that you require to do something new, safely, without the worry of making a mistake.

Personally I have had a great deal of job satisfaction in doing my work and I would like you to gain the same sense of achievement that I have had throughout the years while I have been working upon musical instruments.

When you step in to the workshop you are not stepping foot in to a sterile teaching environment, you are stepping in to a fully functioning guitar manufacture and repair workshop. 


I was lucky enough to be one of the luthiers trained at Leeds College of Music and I have been trained  to a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma level in building and repairing musical instruments.

I have also received qualification in teacher training courses that prepared me for the new career that I am looking forward to. So that I will be ready to deliver to you all the knowledge I know in a way that will be easy for you to remember.


About Us

Manchester Guitar and Bass Building Academy

Was established in 2012 in a work shop in Salford close to Media City, there are very good transport link to our workshop, making commuting to the workshop very strait forwards either by car or public transport. There is good on site parking. 

There are a lot of hotels in Manchester, we are communicating with some that are close by to try to arrange special discounts in the future to help people travel to Manchester to complete one of our courses.   

Located with in our building is the recording and rehearsal studios Noise Boy  


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Address: Unit 11a, Stowell Technical Park, Lord Byron Square, Manchester, M50 2XH        

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